As most of us are all well aware we live world where we are encouraged to reduce our carbon foot print and become more 'eco' friendly; your home heating system is no different. The government have several initiatives in place to encourage home owners to install renewable systems.  The systems that are eligable for the RHI (Renewable Heat Insentive) paymentis include, Solar Thermal (Hot Water), Solar PV (Electric), Heat Pump (Air Source), Heat Pump (Ground Source) and Biomass (Wood Pellets).  Not only can you receive payments direct the home owner from between £200 - £4000, you save on your energy bills as well!

Each payment and saving is unique to the property and the amount of occupants.  Ryan Waine can visit your home and undertake a FREE no obligation assement and calculate both the amount or engery you will save and the RHI amount you will recieve per year.



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