Plumbing is our main core service that we have been offering since the company began like other services we offer we have an established reputation for quality, service, and customer satisfaction.

We offer a highly professional service to the whole of East Lancashire with a team of fully qualified and insured plumbing engineers who are available 24 hours a day.  Within the hour response is also available in selected areas (Please call for further information). We cover everything from a small plumbing issue like a dripping tap to the design and creation of fully fitted bespoke new bathrooms, giving our customers the whole packages ensures they have no problems when it comes to water! Appointments are made at a time and date to suit the customer,  out of hours appointments are available on request.


Drains & Sewers

Our engineers are fully trained and qualified to undertake any aspect of your drainage needs, whether it be a main manhole that is blocked up or simply a kitchen sink that is emptying slowly. Where possible, our engineers will remove the blockage, flush the pipe work with clean water, wash down and disinfect the affected area leaving you with a clean yard and free flowing drains.

If you have an underground sewer that you have ongoing problems with it could possibly be an underlying issue such as a collapsed pipe or possible tree roots affecting the flow of waste. If this is the case, we have access to a HD jetting camera which allows us to visually inspect the pipe work with out the hassle, expense and mess off digging down and tracing the problem.

Below is a diagram to help you understand who is responsible for what drainage system.

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