Covering areas around East Lancashire, we endeavour to respond rapidly irrelevant of your location. Our Heating Services include Boiler swaps and repairs, system flushes, heating installation and under floor heating. 

We pride ourselves on our friendly customer service, undertaking various assignment's ranging from 'the dripping tap' to a bespoke bathroom, from 'the leaking radiator' to a state of the art, energy efficient heating system.



Your boiler is the heart is every home, delivering hot water day in day out and keeping you and your family warm though the depths of winter, that’s why when it comes to either replacing a old faulty boiler or upgrading your existing system the decision your make is extremely important.


Whatever the size of your propertiy, what ever you hot water requirments are Ryan Waine can advise you of the system that is perfect for your needs.  Combination boilers have come on a long way in the last few years, some of which now include an internal hot water cylinder which can deliver up to 18 litres a minute so you don't have to put up with drop in pressure/temperature when your in the shower and someone draws hot water from another point in the house.

Do you have a large property with a high hot water demand?  If the answer to this is yes you would more that likely be looking at system boiler combined with an unvented cylinder.  These system deliver high pressure hotwater and large flow rates allowing power showers and high pressure fittings to be installed.  These system can also be connected to solar panels which when designed and installed correctly can give you 6-8 months of free hot water throughout the year, see our Renewables page for more details.

Ryan Waine are fully trained, qualified and registered to install all of these technologies.  If you want any further information please don't hesitate to contact us for a free onsite assessment.

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