Why Go For Climate-Friendly Energy?

There is a resistance to renewable energy; perhaps because people are unsure if they will still produce a reliable amount or maybe because the initial outlay to convert to renewable is expected to be expensive. Whatever the reason, educating yourself on different options for your energy source is important.

In 2019, the UK produced 40% of its energy through renewable means. Offshore wind farms have contributed to this increase but what can the individual home owner do to help the climate crisis? (Evans, 2019)

There is a tendency to think that one person changing their lifestyle won't effect the overall crisis however, the more people that lean towards renewable energy, the more people know about the benefits and then this means more people are swayed towards renewable sources.

"15% of the UK's planet-warming gases come from heating our homes" states Friends of the Earth (2021), a world-wide community that provides resources to educate and leads campaigns to help preserve the natural world.

Key tips such as insulating your home thoroughly so that there is minimal heat lost and installing glazed windows and doors can make a massive difference to your carbon footprint and your electricity bills!

What Ryan Waine Plumbing and Heating can help you with is solar panels and low-carbon heating. These two different sourcing of electricity are both an effective transition that you can make to heating your home more renewably.

Solar panels can generate free, clean electricity and hot water for your home which will soon begin making more electricity than you actually need which is when you can start to make your money back by selling excess power back to the grid.

Another great way to cut your climate impact is to install a heat pump which can potentially cut your emissions by 60%! By using outside air its able to extract the heat and then this is used to heat the radiators in your home. (Friends of the World, 2021)

There are so many possibilities that can be achieved by just changing existing heating habits and every change counts. Contact us to start an enquiry regarding your new way forward to a more renewable home.



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